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The “Alejandro Berti Project” is the venture of Alejandro Berti to collaborate with fellow musicians on several albums of very distinct genres. One of the three albums is a trumpet and piano jazz duet where Alejandro will be playing standards with, long term collaborator and friend, Logan Evan Thomas on the piano. Special thanks to Simon Toro for his contribution with the project.

Keep visiting the site to see how this expansive project unfolds. The final product is in the hands of the creative process and the art of collaboration.



Alejandro Berti hails from Caracas, Venezuela but has made New York City his musical haven and the trumpet his right arm ever since being exposed to the candor and vitality of improvisation. Alejandro comes from four generations of music on his father’s side. He’s a musician for whom the expression, “music runs in his veins”, is meant quite literally. His mother was classically training him on the violin before he could even say a proper sentence.

After picking up the trumpet in his early teens, Alejandro has played in an expansive amount of genres. Everything from synphonic to jazz, from rock to funk, from salsa to ska- you name it. For Alejandro, it’s not about boxing himself into a genre. It’s about the creative process, living within the beat and bustle of New York, and collaborating with other musicians to communicate something universal through music. When not in the studio, Alejandro is performing live at various music clubs throughout the city and teaching performance to his beloved students. A great deal of Alejandro’s time and energy is devoted to teaching and guiding his students. As his student Vivian, 10, says, “He has shown me the exciting world of music through the trumpet.”


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